Working for international organizations in Brussels – what can you do with your relocation budget?

Congratulations! You have just received an offer to work for NATO, the European Union institutions or another international organization in Brussels, and as a part of your offer you have received a relocation budget. Feeling very happy but also a little stressed? That’s alright: our job is to help you minimize the stress.
At Expat Relocation Belgium, we will find the best apartment for your needs and accompany you in your relocation.

We don’t just try to find you a place to stay – we try to find you a place you can enjoy living in. Recently, we found a beautiful apartment located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, close to the Cinquantenaire and the bus stop Diamant, just a short walk away from the European Commission and with a direct bus to NATO, very conveniently placed for our client. And with this flat, if I were looking to rent, I would have taken it immediately for my own. Our goal is to find you the best flat available for your needs.

You think you don’t need a relocation consultant and will do it yourself? Be careful and do your research! Some real estate agents will for instance recommend the municipality of Evere if you work for NATO. While Evere may be close to NATO, it isn’t the most homely, lively or commercial area. If you don’t know where to look, you may spend time and money only to find yourself in an area you will later regret finding.

For NATO and some of the EU Directorate Generals (e.g. DG TRAN), certain neighborhoods of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Etterbeek and Schaerbeek will likely be ideal, with a direct route to your work, high-quality apartments, places to dine and shop nearby and also easy access to the city center, unless you want to live outside of the city. Just make sure you are well accompanied and properly advised if you want your relocation to be a success – and instead of causing you stress, to be the source of fond memories.