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Relocation Packages

E.R.B. offers a range of relocation services.
Based on our several years of experience in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp and other Belgian cities) and abroad, with both local and international moves, we can provide the high-quality services companies and relocated employees expect and need.

Our team can assist with orientation visits, welcome meetings, temporary accommodation, school searches, property searches, settling in services, spousal career services, counselling services, property & tenancy management, move management, departure services,registration at the town hall, residence cards, de-registration)  etc.

Professionalism, experience, reliability and providing high-quality services are the cornerstones of our team, and we offer relocation packages at competitive rates.

Because of the nature of relocation, we tailor our services to your specific requirements. For first-hand testimonials and recommendations, read about our experience.

We always look for ways to better help our clients.

For instance, while planning the big move to Belgium, temporary accommodation is needed for the pre-visit trip or can be useful when the new home isn’t ready. Unfortunately this can get very expensive. To make things easier, we selected a bed & breakfast in Antwerp and obtained very competitive rates for clients. This way, during the (often disorienting) period of transfer, clients can feel at home in a nice place that fits their needs better than a hotel.

In addition, utilities are generally of a similar quality in Belgium, although there can still be significant price variations. For this reason, we like to help our clients to find the cheapest option that meets their needs. To do that, we use various price comparison tools so that we can suggest the best price available on the market for ‘natural’ gas, electricity, telephony, Internet, etc.  It’s a small effort that pays itself off very rapidly.

More information:

  • Orientation tours
  • Settling-in services
  • Schooling assistance (appointments with schools , guidance, etc..)
  • Quotes for transport of goods
  • Spousal assistance (job search, etc..)
  • Property search (rentals)
  • Temporary accommodation services
  • Departure services
  • Immigration assistance (registration, work permits, residence cards, de-registration)

Departure services:
In addition to support for moving into the host country, E.R.B. can assist you or your employee at the time of departure.

We can provide assistance with:

  • Taking care of termination of the lease agreement(s)
  • Canceling insurance policies (if applicable)
  • Closing/transferring utility contracts
  • Arranging and being present at the departure survey of the leased premises
  • Coordinating the necessary maintenance and cleaning
  • De-registering from local authorities (if applicable)
  • Forwarding postal mail

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