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About E.R.B.

Facing a new start in a foreign country can be very challenging. For this reason, we are here to help you find the practical advice you need (for yourself or your employees), to make your move easier.

Julie  Craddock, a Belgian citizen the founder of E.R.B. (expatrelocationbelgium.com), has lived in four major Belgian cities in her life, and has also lived in the United States and in Spain for prolonged periods.

She graduated in 2007 as a master in law from Ghent University and took a course in international relations in 2011. After working a couple of years as a trainee lawyer, legal advisor and marketing coordinator Julie decided to start her career as a relocation consultant/daily living resource.

She is fluent in Dutch, English, French and Spanish. She is married to a British citizen.

As a result, Julie understands first-hand the challenges and difficulties you or your employee will face when moving abroad, and she is the perfect person to help you find the information you need.

Julie has been providing relocation services for expats in Belgium and Spain (Barcelona), ranging from arrival assistance to departure services. This includes orientation visits, welcome meetings, temporary accommodation, school searches, property searches, settling in services, spousal career services, counselling services as a daily living resources, property & tenancy management, move management.

In 2011 and 2012, Julie was Chair Newcomers of the American Women’s Club in Brussels (an American expat group), she assisted new members with “everyday-life” questions they had so that they could easily feel at home in Belgium.

Since 2015 Julie and her husband are member of the Brussels Childbirth trust, in 2016 we welcomed our little son Matthew and in 2017 our little son Andrew.
If you need assistance with finding a day care, school, etc.. or you need help with finding solutions for your baby in any kind you can rely on her experience as a mom.

In 2017 Julie joined the American women’s club of Antwerp.

In 2019 Julie was a member of the board of the American Women’s Club of Antwerp and assisted as a Business Manager helping the club with fundraising.  In 2020 Julie was nominated as Events Director for the club however due to the Covid 19 pandemic this function wasn’t active.

Recommendations and more detailed information can be found within the description of E.R.B.’s experience.

To contact Julie, use the E.R.B. contact form.

For more information on moving to Brussels, you can visit the Expat Arrivals page on Brussels.

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