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Interior assistance and rental of furniture with your relocation

As an expat when you move you have a lot to do, and you may be exhausted with all the administration, paperwork and time-consuming work, let alone thinking about furniture.

Our goal at E.R.B. is to lighten your load so that you have more time for yourself,  your family and your work.

First, we help you in arranging your move, notably by contacting moving companies, and we assist you from the beginning until the end of your move. We have packages to assist you with finding a new home and once we found the perfect home for you we help you get set up in your new home.

Shipping the entire contents of your house or apartment can be costly. For this reason, many choose to rent a furnished house or apartment or to purchase furniture locally at a large furniture store. This can be sufficient for large furniture, but to make your new place feel like home, it’s the details that count: cushions, tableware, poufs, lounge chairs, etc.

With only standard items, many expats are missing a feeling from home, an item that they could not ship or cannot find locally.

In this context, you can combine your relocation with assistance from Antelope Interior, the interior styling face of its business, in order to make your new home unique, cosy and homely. Antelope Interior also organises private sales, and you can also directly purchase any items you desire on the Antelope Interior webshop.

If you ask E.R.B. to assist with your relocation, you can add a specific interior styling package to your order, which includes 3 appointments specifically for the Antelope Interior services. During these appointments, you will be able to obtain advice on design and decoration, including advice on which furniture or accessories to use and on whether to rent or purchase them (and where).

Contact us to receive more information on Antelope Interior and the related services.

Example of furniture - photo of a living room with kilim cushions

Make spousal support part of the relocation package

Offering spousal support as part of the relocation package is an important element to keep in mind as an international employer. You want to keep your transferee happy while moving to a new country with his family and should therefore pay attention to the wellbeing of his family as a part of the relocation package.

 A family relocation can only be successful if the spouse and children of the transferee are happy.

Many employers do forget the importance of an employee’s family and focus on the employee only. Recently, however, there has been an increase in the number of failed relocations, because of failure to look at the family. As a result, employees get divorced or look for other jobs back in their home country and return back home. As a good employer you want to avoid this.

Expat Relocation Belgium can provide the following services in relation to families so a successful relocation can be guaranteed:

  • When the spouse is eligible to work, our team can provide assistance in finding a job, within the company of the transferee or on the local job market (assistance with local habits, analysis of the CV and review, help drafting a local CV, etc..)
  • As a part of integration we can also introduce the family to local expat communities, schools, local play-groups – not only groups in English but if there are for instance a Spanish local group requested by the family we can help the family finding the local groups. A lot can be found on the Internet, but not everything is listed or reliable; a local destination consultant can help you find the perfect fit and save the family a lot of time.
  • In addition, we provide families with an overview of the nearest hospitals, doctors in case of an emergency. This is essential information that should be provided well before it is urgently needed, especially if the family doesn’t speak the local language and often forgotten by relocation companies as basic information.
  • Finally, we provide follow-up sessions in order to check progress and we provide coaching when needed.

Contact us if you would like to receive more information.