Relocating to Belgium: Covid 19 restrictions (April 2021)

Update 18 April 2021:

No quarantine required for (very) short stay in Belgium, say authorities

The Belgian Health Ministry confirmed to us informally that for short visits for e.g. house hunting, as long as a person stays less than 48 hours in Belgium, no quarantine is required. A negative PCR test (obtained less than 72 hours before your arrival in Belgium) is as always required under the current rules, but at least it is possible (according to the Belgian health authorities) to come over for a visit in the context of a relocation without having to quarantine.

It is then recommended to ensure that the flight tickets show that you will be less than 48 hours in Belgium, and to keep evidence also of your visits.

Other useful rules / tips in the context of relocation:

  • Keep a face mask in your pocket or handbag: certain cities and municipalities require a face mask in busy shopping areas or in city centers, and a face mask is required in indoor shops. It’s useful then to always have a face mask in your pocket or handbag so that you can put it on where required.
  • House or apartment visits: virtual visits have become more common, but in-person visits are still allowed and are still the norm. We take videos for our clients if they are unable to be present in person, but in-person is always better.
  • Removal firms can still work, but they will likely require that you keep your distance and wear a face mask.
  • Official website with current measures: