Relocating is one thing – you might need departure assistance too

It’s one thing to find a new house in Belgium and find out what you need to know about starting a new chapter in your life there. It may be another thing to deal with the departure from the city or area you are living it right now.

Ensure that your checklist for leaving the country includes the following:

  • De-registration at the town hall and from tax/VAT authorities if relevant;
  • Termination of your contracts linked to your old home: lease, insurance, utilities, maintenance;
  • Negotiation of indemnities (ideally a waiver) in relation to termination of lease etc.;
  • Organisation of your exit survey (lease departure walkthrough).

You also need to organise your move. Whether you have three boxes of clothes or a whole art collection, the choice of movers is crucial. Cost, insurance, quality and timing, you have to choose the best combination for you.

You will hear one key question: how much volume do you need? It’s important to know whether your things will take up one full truck or a smaller van.

If you are unsure, ask your relocation consultant to arrange for volume measurement. A representative will visit your home, make an inventory of the boxes and furniture to be moved, and calculate volume.

You can also prepare an inventory yourself. List the number of boxes and bags, the kinds of furniture, and calculate their dimensions. Some relocation consultants and removal companies have forms that calculate the total volume for you. Choose wisely, and the process becomes easy.

At E.R.B., we only work with reliable movers experienced in international removals. If you need departure assistance, we can use our network to assist you with local consultants.

As a rule, departure help is very important to most expats. After all, if the move goes well, you’ll be happier when you arrive.

Interior assistance and rental of furniture with your relocation

As an expat when you move you have a lot to do, and you may be exhausted with all the administration, paperwork and time-consuming work, let alone thinking about furniture.

Our goal at E.R.B. is to lighten your load so that you have more time for yourself,  your family and your work.

First, we help you in arranging your move, notably by contacting moving companies, and we assist you from the beginning until the end of your move. We have packages to assist you with finding a new home and once we found the perfect home for you we help you get set up in your new home.

Shipping the entire contents of your house or apartment can be costly. For this reason, many choose to rent a furnished house or apartment or to purchase furniture locally at a large furniture store. This can be sufficient for large furniture, but to make your new place feel like home, it’s the details that count: cushions, tableware, poufs, lounge chairs, etc.

With only standard items, many expats are missing a feeling from home, an item that they could not ship or cannot find locally.

In this context, you can combine your relocation with assistance from Antelope Interior, the interior styling face of its business, in order to make your new home unique, cosy and homely. Antelope Interior also organises private sales, and you can also directly purchase any items you desire on the Antelope Interior webshop.

If you ask E.R.B. to assist with your relocation, you can add a specific interior styling package to your order, which includes 3 appointments specifically for the Antelope Interior services. During these appointments, you will be able to obtain advice on design and decoration, including advice on which furniture or accessories to use and on whether to rent or purchase them (and where).

Contact us to receive more information on Antelope Interior and the related services.

Example of furniture - photo of a living room with kilim cushions