Looking for a venue and a wedding dress

The two first things you need to do is finding a venue and a wedding dress as in Belgium you need to find your venue 1 year in advance and ordering your wedding dress can take up to 4 months.

Finding a venue is not easy and expensive in Belgium, prices range between 2000- 5500 EURO just for the room and in addition you need to pay the menu and drinks so this can get very expensive! If you rather want to have it simple you can rent a room in a school, etc.. and this is totally not expensive but not that fancy, it depends on what you want. You can also decide to hold your wedding in the Netherlands or France. Like in ‘Cadzand’ or in the South of France this is popular among Belgians as it’s not far and something different than the traditional Belgian venue. This is something I preferred so my wedding is in the South of France, I found a nice venue in Cap Martin,namely les deux Frères :-).

Finding a wedding dress is challenging as last week I went to two bridal shops, one in Brussels (Pronovias) and one in Antwerp (JPC Collection). The experience I had at the Pronovias store wasn’t good – they showed me dresses that were size 34 to small so I had no idea how they would look like as the dress didn’t fit at all. On top of that I really liked a dress I saw online (Mijas model) but they said they didn’t have it in store, when I called back the day after all of a sudden they had the dress! My experience at the JPC Collection store was much better, we could choose from books and they had most dresses in stock and they were really friendly and helpful. I already found one I really loved, namely the La Sposa dress model Eithel :-). We will see, will we take a short dress or long dress or both?


I would also like to thank Melissa and Magali for helping me with finding a wedding dress.