How do expats integrate in Belgium?

St. John’s International School conducted a survey with expats who used to live in Belgium, to understand what they did to integrate while they lived in the country.
The respondents were given 7 options, as well as the option to fill in their own response.
The top 3 answers:
1. Learn the local language
2. Explore the area where you live
3. Go sightseeing in Belgium

Respondents were also asked what they would change if they could be an expat in Belgium again.
Here are some of the answers received:
“I didn’t appreciate it as a teenager. I didn’t realize what a wonderful opportunity I had been given.”
“I would keep a journal or a blog of my time overseas.”
“Take language studies more seriously and put effort into learning French and Dutch.”

These responses seem to indicate that some expats may only realize the full extent of the expat assignment after their return home.

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