Knokke: the Belgian Coast

When you need a break from the city and you want some fresh air or to relax at the beach on a sunny day, it’s a short ride from anywhere in Belgium to the coast, for instance to Knokke.

From Easter onwards, beach bars with sun beds are installed on the beach and attract many people for a day or a weekend. You can also go for a long walk or biking tour in ‘het Zwin’, a large nature reserve. You can easily rent bikes in Knokke so you don’t need to bring your bike along. If you want to try the famous Belgian waffles and your children want to burn some energy on the playground, Marie Siska ( is highly recommended.

In the evening, there are many nice restaurants, with plenty of choice for food, from ‘moules frites’ (mussels with fries) to steak. You will always find good food in good servings in Belgium.

And if you are still up for more you can check out the Knokke nightlife. You can go to the casino, the Kitsch Club, Knokke Out or for instance The Pharmacy, Knokke’s newest cocktail bar.

During summer many events take place in Knokke, such as the Scapa Beach Polo and BBQ, Nacht Van t’ Zoute, Zoute Rally and so much more. Knokke is definitely a recommended destination during the summer.

Where to stay?
If you want to stay for the weekend or for a summer holiday, there are many hotels and B&B’s you can choose from.

How to get there?
From Antwerp: Knokke is 91 km away from Antwerp. You can take the express road by car (1h – 1h15) or you can take the train (2h).
From Brussels: Knokke is 110 km away from Brussels. By car, it’s a 1h20-1h40 drive, taking the E40 and the express road. You can also take the train (1h40).